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MongoDB Vs Firebase: Which is the Best Database of 2019?

· MongoDB Vs Firebase

What’s the most common mistake that entrepreneurs make with their app or website development?

It’s choosing technology stacks for their app or website development project without understanding the actual needs of the solution. One of the biggest and costliest mistakes is choosing the wrong (or outdated) cloud storage and database.

If you wish to avoid this mistake and choose the best database for your app/website’s backend, then you need to thoroughly research and choose after considering all the factors. This blog will help you exactly with that.

Remember the three ‘S’ of technologies. Secure, Strong and Scalable. You need a database that offers all the 3 S’ for your software solution. We believe that if NoSQL databases are the future and you should choose a database from the NoSQL category for your development project.

We will be discussing the Pros and Cons of two of the best NoSQL databases of 2019: MongoDB Vs Firebase.

Pros of Firebase (FB):

Firebase provides instant data updates without refreshing making Google Firebase ideal for Real-time Chat/messaging apps. FB offers a synched Application State. If you choose Firebase then worrying about your servers going into meltdown will be a thing of past. It is easy to synchronize across multiple devices with the firebase.

The real-time Firebase Push Notifications are a big plus for chatting apps. Firebase also offers a Cloud-Based Event Queue. If you are planning to build a static website then Google Firebase is the perfect choice as it offers a superfast CDN. With Google's Cloud Platform, Firebase allows straightforward hosting.

Firebase pricing offers a pay-as-you-go plan with flexible rates.

Cons of Firebase:

Firebase queries are quite limited and somewhat weak in nature. It also doesn’t have relational queries. If you wish to own your user data then Firebase is not for you as Google owns the server and the data it holds. This is the same reason why you can’t export your user data.

If you plan to migrate to another database then with Firebase it becomes a complex affair. Dealing with relations is also a tricky business in Firebase. You can’t create your own custom back-end API as Firebase offers a limited number of languages to work with.

Pros of MongoDB:

MongoDB has a very powerful sharding and scaling capabilities. It follows a no-rigid schema. You can add or delete fields with very less or no impact on the application. MongoDB offers data representation in JSON or BSON.

MongoDB provides Geospatial support and is easy to integrate with BigData and Hadoop. Its document-based query language is almost as powerful as SQL. MongoDB documentation has a very vast collection of literature and MongoDB tutorials for new users. MongoDB doesn't require a unified data structure across all objects. It’s quite secure as SQL injection can’t be made.

Cons of MongoDB:

MongoDB seems quite difficult to work with when complex queries are in the picture. if you are planning to build a detailed design system then there are many better options than MongoDB. This database is quite ill-famed for corrupting, leaking, or losing data over time.

MongoDB is not very powerful with indexing and searching. If you need complete ACID (Atomic, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) compliance then MongoDB is not right for you. There is no stored procedure where you can bind the logic.


So, here is the complete picture. The good and bad of MongoDB Vs Firebase. Now it is up to you to choose the right database as per your Website or real-time app development needs.
Whichever database you choose, make sure that you get a highly skillful team of developers to set up your database and build your entire digital solution.

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